Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Rape of Athena

Now that Tsoko’s home, he brought with him Xoxo. Preparing to have their own set of litters. Seven days and it's solitary confinement for Xoxo. In my room.

But as we were expecting Tsoko and Xoxo to do the deed, we were disturbed by the sudden commotion in Jiggy and Athena’s home. Jiggy’s getting hot and Athena’s not. 

Athena in distress and Jiggy at his horniest!

Meanwhile, Tsoko’s feeling lazy today and Xoxo is just on the other corner. *sigh*

Friday, 25 November 2011

Weebee My Bunny! I missed you, big time! Ice Queen, come back!

Hi Bunny,

Here I am again.


Trying to ease the troubles in my mind... and heart. And as always, i need you to hear me out. Please?
This year, I learned to love a lot of things. Things that the Ice Queen hated…

I loved the mountains. The mountains and me fell in love with each other during the “love month”, February. Opeak is the name of the first I loved. Being the highest of Ubec, he took me to the peak of what became one of my addictions. It was not the best days to trek I must say. I even swore I’m not doing it again. But after the skies calmed and the fog cleared, I saw the beauty. His beauty. And then it was love at first sight. After Opeak came more rivals for the Ice Queen: Babag, Budlaan, Kan-irag and his majesty of the Visayas, Kanlaon. Kanlaon my love, I miss you! I’ll come back for you… soon! ^_^

I loved the art of Capoeira. Looking for a gift for myself after surviving 24 years on Earth was not easy. A new dress? A book? Can’t really find something I fancied that time. The Ice Queen visited me and I felt apathy engulfing me again. So at the minute her highness looked the other way, I thought of learning something new. Cooking? Nah, still not ready for that. Dancing? Hmm… My two left feet are still weak for dancing. Then I saw Eddie Gordo and got excited with his moves. The week after my birthday, I enrolled myself to Capoeira lessons. The next thing I knew, I was doing the Ginga. And it’s one lousy Ginga. Joined a few rodas and had my first Batizado last July. I am now known as Cigana, a.k.a. the gypsy after joining the Festa Do Mundo last last week. Ye Capoiera! Salve!

I loved a black bunny.  Have you remembered the times I called on you and you were too busy in Wonderland? A black bunny came and took me away. He was young and high-spirited. He also loved the mountains and the great outdoors. I noticed him before this year’s Freedom Climb, and thought that he was a cute bunny. Didn’t really imagined he’ll get close to me with the Ice Queen around. He came to me when he needed somebody to talk to. I listened. And after that, my life went 360 degrees. The Ice Queen left me. My life became complicated. Just constantly waiting for the inevitable to happen. Stupidity at its best! Slap me now or forever hold your peace. *sigh*

I love my Peewee, Jello, Jiggy, Athena and Tsoko. I remembered Mucha, my ever so cute hamster. I missed taking care of cute furry animals. Ironically, I bought a gecko and named him Jello. Jello the gecko. But I wanted someone I could cuddle or play with. Well Peewee is there, but he’s off limits in the house.  They’re not good friend with lola dearest. So Jiggy came. Young and fragile Jiggy. Now I have someone to play with. But he got lonely. I brought him Athena, and are now happily together. My family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Tsoko on the other hand is currently not with me. He’s away doing an errand for the black bunny. I can’t wait to bond with Tsoko. I’m missing a lot of loved ones. I’m missing a lot of feelings too. How it feels to be hugged, to be cared. To be loved.

And the Ice Queen went away. But I want her back. Please help me call her back. Please? I need her help now too. Of course I need your help Bunny, but I also need hers. Sorry for letting you listen again to my rants Bunny. I missed you too, big time! Thanks for the time my Bunny. ^_^


P.S. December dear, please be gentle with me. So looking forward for Nick's arrival. ^_^