Saturday, 29 September 2012

That Old Man...

I interviewed a 40-year old man just this week. At the end of the interview, the conversation went like this...

Me: So do you have any questions regarding our company or the position that you're applying for?

Old Man: How old are you?

Me: 25

Old Man: Single?

Me: Yup. *smile*

Old Man: Well, don't make the same mistake as I did. I married at 35.

*Then there was this awkward moment.*

Me: Well then, if you don't have anymore questions, we'll just call you by next week. *grin*

Old Man: I mean it. Thanks also for your time! *smile*

Me: Ok. Thanks! *smile while shaking hands*

This conversation really made me think a lot of things. To bend my principle or not?
I gotta find me a man first to buy me a ring... before I start buying diapers!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Xtin's Birthday Suprise Part 2: Tingko Beach

This is now a good time to go to the beach and do what we beach bums do the most... to bum! Let's go to the beach! Now!
Time to relax our tired bodies from all the trekking. Somebody told us that the beaches in Alcoy are as marvelous as those in Moalboal. White sand... Clear waters...
It's the perfect place for day 2 of Xtin's surprise. Some of us wanted to experience the traverse to Kawasan Falls but the kiddo with us might just not take the 6 to 7 hours long walk. Obong Spring is also a pretty common side trip from Osmeña Peak.

Day 2: To the Beach We Go!

We took another bus ride to Alcoy. Farrah reunited with one of her high school or was it elementary classmate? Despite the short ride, they got to talk and catch up with life. Ayeeee... Too bad we didn't get his number. Tsk. Anyways, he helped us find a motorcycle to Tingko Beach. 
We found a public beach and rented one of the barangay-owned rooms by the beach. June Ann was again apas team for this trip with Aya. We did a little beach bummin'. Wak2x showed us his "swimming", duck dive style. Kaye and Jen prepared dinner. 
We planned to light sky lanterns that night. Unluckily, I fell asleep and missed the whole thing. Grrrrrrrr...

I woke up, all bummed and all for missing the sky lanterns. Grrrrrr... We just played card games before we all went to sleep. Tired much... ZzZzZzzzz...

Day 3: Feeding Frenzy!

It was a fine morning. I got to see the sunrise, which is kinda unusual for me since I usually wake up very late. It's a fine day to go soak up in the beach. We rented out the floating cottage that we saw when we first got there. And a couple of snorkels.

Time for cam whoring again!
Mandatory underwater shots.

And while snorkeling, we caught this marvelous sight underwater.
Real life feeding frenzy!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Xtin's Birthday Surprise Part 1: Osmeña Peak

My friend always wanted to surprise his sweetheart. Now that her birthday is just round the corner, he thought of another way to surprise her. He wanted her to experience the great outdoors, although she already experienced that a lot during her childhood. He wanted to share the experience with her. So we decided to bring her to Osmeña Peak, the highest peak in Cebu. With the help of Niiru and the rest of the beach bums, he really managed to pull it of.


We are going somewhere south to go bumming and relax on a beach for the weekend.


Overnight trek to Osmeña Peak and a sidetrip to Tingko Beach in Alcoy.

Day 1: Egg Breaking and Off to Opeak!

First part of the surprise for that day was to do a "egg-on-the-head ritual". When Xtin arrived from work early morning, she opened the door, and got an egg on the head. I guess it hurt looking by the look on her face after the egg breaking.

Look at the look on her face! Peace yadz! :D
So the mess on her hair signaled her to take a bath. That gave us enough time to talk things out on how to do about it. First, we prepared the candle-lit birthday breakfast with lechon... Yes, lechon! :D
There really was lechon!
I excused myself to go on ahead after eating. I had to go to IT Park to get moolah from papa's office. Then it rained a lot. Bummer! A waited for almost an hour for the rain to stop or at least slow down. But time is ticking and I had to meet up with the others in the South Bus Terminal. Taxi came but I still got drenched by the rain. *sigh*
On the other hand, the others were also drenched by the rain while walking to meet up with Kaye and Jen. Then they went to Santo Rosario Parish to light candles of gratitude for giving Xtin another year.
Well, I got first in the terminal. Then looked for a bus that would take us to Mantalungon. Xtin was already asking if where we are really going. But I guess she already got a pretty good idea that we are not going to the beach.

The bus that we took didn't really went straight to Mantalungon, we had to get habal2x motorcycles. Before that, we went to do some ukay2x. It was such a pretty bargain. I got mostly shorts and Roxy stuff. We haggled and bargained and conquered the ukay2x kuya. Booyah! Now the problem is to get a cheap habal2x. 

Well, we got it at 40 pesos per head. At Mantalungon, we looked for something to eat bought supplies and were ready to meet again the mighty Opeak!
Porters offered us to bring our supplies. Although we said that we can manage, they still insisted. So I guess it is also a form of help for them and Wak2x got playmates during the trek. The trek was filled with laughter and chit chat. It was good two and a half hours before we got to the peak.

It was already dark when we reached the peak. And I forgot to replace new batteries for my headlamp. I had to use Niji for light and others had to use their lighters *barbie*.
We were not asked for an entrance fee on the peak. The locals told us that the person asking for fees was asked to stop doing it since Opeak is not privately owned. Hooray for us!

It was freakin' cold. I didn't really joined the socials coz I had to hit the sack before I froze. But Tborz and the others had other ideas. Beyond all the cold and fog, they went to the peak that night and had to do some stunts. Well, they got pictures but I might just not post them here. It's kinda not that decent. And they were under influence of alcohol. I'll make this post as wholesome as possible. Hihihi! :D
Well, here's one decent shot that night,

Day 2: Hello Opeak!

In the morning, all of us went to the peak, minus the stunts. We posed for our Headware photo entries. All of us got Headwares and it's the perfect time to take pictures for the entry.
Lezgo to the peak peak!

Mandatory jump shots!

And the winning shot! Yey!
Magnificent view when the fog cleared.
One last picture before we go down and bid goodbye to Opeak.
Next stop, Alcoy! ^__^
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