Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Cute and Quirky Thingamajigs from the Mercado Central

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Last week, we were invited by ZeroThreeTwo for a 3-day Christmas Bazaar held at Baseline. There were lots and lots of fun and cute stuff for sale from different local entrepreneurs. There were food stalls too! It's a haven for shopaholics looking for cute and cheap finds.

Perfect time also coz it was held during payday. Too bad for me since the impulsive buyer in me pulled me to the different booths and got me shopping for myself and for the manitos and manitas.

So here's soe of the things I stashed and hoarded from the bazaar...

I got a Roxy tote bag from POI, a brass dreamcatcher from Lilila Primitive Arts, a key trinket necklace from Folk Fiction, a cat bag and some fabric bracelets from Thimblecap / Bored and Crafty, and a cute vintage toy car from a certain Hotwheels collector... I soooo wanted to buy the volkswagen set but it was just tooooo pricey! :(

Here's a closer look of the small stuff... :D

Fabric bracelet from Thimblecap / Bored and Crafty

Key trinket necklace from Folk Fiction

Vintage toy vox from a certain Hotwheels collector

Live art by the Ubec Crew and Lokal Brand

And there was even a jamming session with Ukulele Cebu, which I was absent because of our christmas party. But good job guys! :D

Thank you so much Carlo Villarica of ZeroThreeTwo for inviting The Chillage and Ukulele Cebu in this successful Christmas Bazaar! :)

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Chillage Turns 1!

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Hi Everyone! Chillage is turning 1 this week, to be exact on December 15.
We are giving everyone a treat with a 50% discount on some of our merchandise. The good thing is that we are bringing this sale nearer to you!

You may either go to this places for the sale:
The Chillage - ground floor of Adnama Bldg.
ZeroThreeTwo Mercado Central - Baseline parking area
USC CAFA Week - USC Talamban campus

For more updates about this weeklong events, please like this FB page:

See yah! ^_^

*Credits to Jee Young Lee for the background photo. :)

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Lazy Chef's Smoothies, Detox, and Everything in Between

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Chip of The Lazy Chef Lunch Club answers all your questions about this week's Smoothie Bandwagon menu as a continuation of the Pre-Holiday Detox.

Question 1: Can I have my smoothie for dinner or breakfast tomorrow?

Based on my research and traning, smoothies are most potentwhen drank within the hour that It was made. Now this is not to say that whenyou drink it 8 hours after, there will be no more vitamins or nutrients  left. It just means that to get the maximumbenefit, it is best to drink it the soonest possible time.
The second reason (besides this)  why I discouraged some of you to make two orders (one for lunch and the other for dinner)is because I am hoping that you will get into the HABIT of making your own smoothies! ;) Don’t get me wrong, it means the world to me that you have entrusted your health and well-being to The Lazy Chef but it would mean a million times more if some of you would start cooking and preparing healthy meals and smoothies for yourself and your families. :)
Lastly, im sharing with you what my mentor and the resident dietitian in the Dr. Oz show (Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD) told me about this matter:
“Storing juice and smoothies in plastic containers can degrade the antioxidants but that has more to do with time frame, type of plastic and how far away from the vine the fruit was when it was blended.”

Question 2: What is DETOX? And why do we need it?

There has been a lot of misunderstanding about what a detox is. And im not saying that my answer is the only one that you should believe because I am by no means an expert BUT here is how I understand detoxification.
Our body is designed to naturally detoxify any unwanted toxins. The kidneys and our liver effectively filter and eliminate most ingested toxins. So when we mention detoxification, we are really talking about improving and optimizing the function of our body’s own detoxification systems.This is done by  “clean eating”- natural,less- processed, whole foods that are closer to the earth without artificial ingredients. Clean eating decreases the amount of toxins in our body and supplies the nutrients it needs to function properly.  The meals that we have been having for thepast two weeks are filled with ingredients that help accomplish this.
So the main benefit of a detox actually comes from avoiding highly processed foods. So before you go on any detox diet, ask yourself why you’re doing it. ;)

Question 3:  How long before I get hungry?

I have been asked this question even before we did the smoothies. And the truth is it really depends. Are you doing this just to lose weight or are you looking to make a real change? A healthy diet provides at least1,200 to 1,500 calories a day. It is recommended to have 6 small, frequent meals filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats rather than 3 big unbalanced meals. The sad thing about it is, I can only control 1/6th of your day and although that is a good start, the real change would come from YOU  and what you have for the other 5 meals (and on weekends). ;)
Experts say “eat before you get hungry”. Now that wouldn’t make much sense when we are trying to lose weight. But the truth is, that is the best advice I have ever received. When we allow ourselves to reach that “point of no return”, we tend to eat whatever is in front of us. (and I do mean WHATEVER). So always have some nuts or a banana with you. Trust me, your body will thank you later.
Lastly,  the reason why I asked all of you before you joined TLC if you were aware that the meals were pre-portioned to fit a 350 caloric diet (even if it was already stated onthe page) is because this really is NOT FOR EVERYBODY. I have heard rumors that people are saying that once you join The Lazy Chef, you’ll end up eating twice. And I am absolutely sure that would happen IF you gobbled your lunch in less than five minutes! Remember that book, “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat”? The secret behind  it is French women take time to really chew, swallow and appreciate the taste and texture of the food thatis in front of them otherwise known as mindful eating. This is why it is discouraged to eat infront of the television or in your car. Because when we are not mindful, we tend to eat more than what our body actually needs. 350calories is more than enough for a meal IF you practice the habit of mindful eating and 6 small meals a day.
Time and time again, you always hear me say that this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. And there is a method to my madness, trust me. I am not just doing this to make your lives difficult (well, sometimes I do make you eat those small weird things for the fun of it- im just kidding!)
~Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any more questions, just drop me a message. I would gladly answer them to the best of my ability. :)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Homegrown Coffee Honors Filipino Coffee and Culture this Holiday Season

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This holiday season, Bo's Coffee partners with Anthill Fabric Gallery, a social and cultural enterprise, to provide coffee lovers with a delightful Christmas offering that carries Filipino pride.

Last Wednesday, we were invited by Anya Lim of Anthill Fabric Gallery over coffee to talk about the importance of supporting Filipino homegrown products towards change and sustainability. Together with Bo's Coffee CEO Steve Benitez, they proudly announced their partnership and launched its limited edition Coffee Origins Patch Tumblers, a perfect gift that blends Filipino culture and talent by showcasing the artistry of local weavers from indigenous communities all over the country.

These beautiful tumblers feature a variety of fabrics from Sagada, Benguet, Mt. Matutum, Mt. Kitanglad, and Mt. Apo where Bo's Coffee sources its 100% Arabica beans. It has been said that growing coffee in highlands, like the places mentioned above, brings out its rich flavour. Hoping to have coffee grown locally here in Cebu, in Mantalungon perhaps?

The tumblers feature fabrics weaved by the indigenous and rural communities around the Philippines. These include Paracelis, Bontoc, Kinan-ew, and Abra patterns representing the Cordillera regions of Sagada and Benguet. Topped off with the Abaca Pinanggabol made of abaca/hemp and woven by the Draghuyan-Bukidnon tribe form Mt. Kitanglad adds an extra colorful twist to the entire design. And of course to link it to the origins of Mt. Apo and Mt. Matutum, it is also added with the famous T'nalak created by the dream weavers of South Cotabato.

To avail of the tumblers, just purchase a minimum of P250 at any Bo's Coffee outlets and you'll  be given a Christmas Cheers Card. Collect 12 stickers and you'll get your very own Coffee Origins Patch Tumbler absolutely free! But if you want to get right away and has only 4-8 stickers, you may top up with the corresponding cash amount. Everyone has until January 15, 2014 to collect your stickers and has until March 16, 2014 to redeem your limited edition tumblers. Take a selfie with your tumbler and don't forget to hashtag #BosCoffeeChristmas to be engaged in supporting Filipino pride.

"The launch of our tumblers and our partnership with Anthill Fabric Gallery reflects our pride in homegrown talent and our vision of positively impacting people's lives" 
- Steve Benitez, CEO Bo's Coffee

Thursday, 28 November 2013

#RebuildPH by Bo's Coffee

After their Raise The Roof #BangonSugBohol project for the earthquake victims last October, Bo's Coffee has came up with another project for the Yolanda typhoon victims.

In honor to one of our greatest heroes, Andres Bonifacio, Bo's Coffee is encouraging every coffee enthusiast or everyone to become heroes and help in rebuilding our nation after enduring the strongest typhoon that struck our nation, or the whole world.
On the 30th of November, please have your cup of coffee at Bo's and help in their #RebuildPH efforts. 100% of the profit from selected store outlets on that day will be used to help rebuild the lives of the survivors of the Typhoon Yolanda.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Roxy does Baler

Join the Roxy Philippines athlete as they take the Ford Fiesta on a trip to explore Baler in a 5-part web series


Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Logo Project: WeFix84You.com

For an upcoming site that my friend has been dreaming of making...
Another logo done!

Site is still under construction... :D

Here at wefix84you, WE FIX IT FOR YOU!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Logo Project: Blue Biquini

Here's the logo I made for my friend's bikini business. ^__^

1 more logo project to go! *phew*

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Save the Sand, Save the Beach with Lagu

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See how much you'll save if you'll use Lagu? 
This would really be a very big help in saving our beautiful beaches. Aside from Boracay, the Philippines has still more wonderful beaches. These are our pride and joy, let's preserve this so that the future generations can still experience these wonders.

Lagu is the first beach-friendly beach blanket. Unlike ordinary towels, Lagu repels sand allowing you to lay with ease while also conserving the beach. It's unique linen blend is allergen-free and has quick-dry properties, keeping it fresh for repeated use. 

Friendly to both you and the beach, Lagu is the only beach blanket you'll need for your life on the sands.

See how easy it is to keep Lagu...

Thanks to Sir Marvine Sy, I got to have my very own Lagu beach blanket. 
And what perfect way to test this? 
Bring it to the beach! Just in time for my Calaguas trip!
Since Lagu repels sand, I got to help preserved the beach. I had no problem waiting too long for it to dry before packing it up since it dries up quickly.

Photo credits to Tiara Mejos | www.tiaramejos.com
It even complimented my whole beach ensemble during the photoshoot.

My very own Violeta! ^__^

Together let's

Remembering HIS Sacrifice...

From Ash Wednesday to Easter Eve.
Let's solemnly observe this time of the year where God sacrificed his only Son for all humankind.


Not only in food, but also in our vices. 
Give time to reflect on the things we've done and thank Him for giving us a chance to redeem ourselves.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Artsy Fartsy Craft: Bulingit + Abriella Collab

Bulingit decided to draw something for me...

...and I decided to put some color on it.

The bulingit and abriella collaboration!

Thanks for the drawing bulings! mwuah! 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Choco Loco Attack: Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates

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I came across with this chocolates when we went to The Chillage. I thought it was stationery or something so I just took a picture of it. When Tabian, saw the pic, she told me what it was. I got excited and it gave me more reason to go back to The Chillage, aside from the fun room that I haven't really explored that well.

Cacao from Davao. Sugar from Bacolod.

Living overseas and living alone meant that I had to learn how to cook for myself. From learning how to cook, it was only a natural progression to learn how to bake; and chocolate is one of the primary ingredients that I often use in baking. Working with chocolate got me to experience and discover the vast differences in chocolates available. It is no surprise that the better quality chocolates often leads to better tasting products.
As I delve more into the history of chocolate, I found that although European countries are often more well-known for their chocolates than other counterparts in other parts of the world, no European country actually grow their own cacao beans as their climate doesn't allow it. The cacao plant can only grow within 20 degrees north and south of the equator...just like in the Philippines, where I was born and raised.
So it got me thinking of making it right at the source. After all, the main ingredients that goes into a good chocolate is basically just cacao beans and sugar--both of which are readily available here. All that it needs is for someone to craft it to the highest quality. I decided to be that person, went home from overseas and the rest is what you see now.
At our factory, each batch of chocolate is produced in small quantities (actually, it would be "micro" in industry standards) and overseen personally by people instead of machines. We take great care, time and effort to ensure that each step starting from the selection of the cacao bean to the final step of molding and packing, we are only offering the best we can offer.

-Philo Chua, Founder

Flavors (from left to right)

  • 70% Dark Chocolate
  • Labuyo
  • Calamansi
  • Green Mango and Salt
  • Pili and Pinipig
  • Barako
  • Milk Chocolate (not in the picture)
  • Honey Cinnamon (not in the picture) - Christmas special
You can get this yummies at just 100.00 pesos per bar. In Cebu, aside from The Chillage, Cebu Pinoy EcoStore is also selling them online at https://www.facebook.com/pinoyecostore.

It even comes in 3-bar or 5 bar Gift Boxes.

3-Bar Gift Box
5-Bar Gift Box

As spotted at The Chillage

Check them online: http://theoandphilo.com/

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Insanity of Being Right

Would you rather be right or happy? The answer might seem obvious, but if you’re honest with yourself, how often do you choose to be right at the expense of inner peace and happiness? If some part of you believes that being right is the sure-fire way to find inner peace and finally be at ease, then I invite you to please read on …

The Wrongs with Rightness

Think about it – if humans chose happiness over being right most of the time, do you think there would be war? Do you think our courtrooms and dockets would be over-booked for month or years with law suits – many of them petty, and even spiteful? Do you think we’d have so many inter-personal conflicts: at work, in the family, or among ‘friends’? How about road rage? What would that look like – or would it even exist – if we humans really chose happiness over the insane need to be right?
I’m not kidding. And if you just look around a little – including at yourself – you’ll see just how much this obsession with rightness mucks up even the sweetest experiences. It insinuates itself into even the most intimate affairs and may be the most persistent stumbling block to effective communication, loving kindness, happiness, and most certainly – forgiveness.

Forgive and Forget

And speaking of forgiveness (the uber-key to happiness), how about this one: “I’ll forgive him, but I’ll never forget”? There’s two ways to see this, one is to recognize what the “I” in this statement has learned from a negative situation in order to not make the same mistake. Fair enough. But have you ever heard this come out of someone’s mouth and you just knew that ‘forgive’ was getting the lip service, and ‘never’ was closer to the truth?
This need to be right in the face of all kinds of miserable things like divorce; withholding love from a lover, family member or worst of all, a child; drawn-out law suits with their accompanying depositions, legal fees and mythic-proportions of ‘he said-she said’; revenge behavior of any kind; and petty politiking in the office, are all manifestations of a mental assumption that’s insane. What is that assumption? That ‘rightness’ equals happiness. Why is it insane? Because you might as well argue with a hole in the ground than try to force every body (or anybody) to think, perceive and believe just like you.

Oz the All-Powerful

But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’ve got the gumption (and many would say, ‘courage’) to look this ‘rightness’ square in the eye, you can change it in an instant.
Just as Dorothy discovered, there’s no All Powerful Oz. The need to be right is just another mask of a scared little ego, uncertain of its place in the world and trying to feel more secure. Once you pull the curtain aside, things will never be the same. Because when you truly see the nature of your ego (and everyone else’s, for that matter) here’s what you’ll discover: it can never be satisfied. The ego will never feel safe enough, strong enough, confident enough or right enough to finally sit down and shut up.
So if you truly want to find inner peace, then the first (and maybe the only) step is to surrender your ego’s need to be right. No conditions, no exceptions. Letting go of the need to be right in your personal AND professional life will change you like you can’t even imagine.
And if you’re coming up with all kinds of excuses, arguments, or ‘exceptions’ to this rule, just remember: that’s your ego talking, and s/he’s the one who, yep, always needs to be right.

Your Turn!

What do you think? Is it possible to surrender the need to be right in all circumstances? What’s the worse thing that could happen if you did? What’s the best? 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Encounter with the Monstrous Waves of Calicoan Island

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Before we really got to meet the big, but gentler waves of the Northshore, we went to a trip to Samar and met the monstrous waves of Calicoan.

It happened October of last year when we decided to go on an impulsive trip to Samar to celebrate the birthday of a my dear friend, Whacky. He was the one who introduced me to the idea of surfing and it being the "suyaon" as I was, I instantly took the bait and went to the trip with him. Originally, it was supposed to be Bbums trip but due to unforeseen event, not to mention the drama, only me, Niiru (Bulingit), Xtin, and Tborz (Whacky) got to pursue the trip. Also that was the last season for Habagat and moving towards to Amihan season, the perfect time to watch a surfing competition, The 8th Guiuan Odyssey Waves National Surfing Competition.

All aboard to the new 2GO ride!
Niiru and I
Tborz and Xtin

Day 1: Ormoc-Tacloban-Guiuan Episode

We were so excited then and we were blessed by the comforts of riding the new 2GO fast craft. It was like we were on an economy class airplane. Customer service was quite good and they're kinda organize. They also served food and drinks for those who wanted to eat something. But Tborz and Xton came prepared, and brought food with them. By the way, for this "surfing" trip, we'd like to thank Paul of Speedwalk for lending us two of his surfboards. We got to become posers and feel like pro surfers carrying the board bag. *grins*

Arriving at Ormoc, being the girl without a sense of direction, thought of ways on how to ride a surfboard, not knowing that we had to go on hours of riding a bus or vhire before we get to our destination. So I had a lot of time thinking it through since from Ormoc, we had to stop over to Tacloban then ride another vhire for Guiuan.

I got hungry with all the land trips and transfers and just slept most of the trip. But I still got to see the San Juanico bridge though, the longest bridge in the Philippines connecting Leyte to Samar across the San Juanico Strait.

Alas! We arrive in Guiuan. We decided to stay here for the night before going to Calicoan.
Marcelo's Place was affordable and cozy. Plus they had free wifi. It's the perfect place to rest and prepare for the surf the next day. Room was only 450 pesos per night, good for 4 people already.

The hallway to the balcony area
The hallway towards the rooms
The pavement to their restaurant
The restaurant with the ocean view
The good thing for this trip was that the people of Samar were very friendly and accommodating, unlike our experience in one of our beach bum trips. We even met a foreigner, who married a Filipina there. He told us that back in California, he was also into surfing. But now that he's old, his knees won't let him ride the waves already. He was kinda chatty and already finished a lot of beer, and still is not that drunk! He told us how proud he was of his wife. And also about his job and business and anything that he could think of telling us. But we had to cut his stories short so that we can rest and prepare ourselves for the waves tomorrow.

Day 2: Bring it On Calicoan!

It's time to go and meet the waves. But before that, a quick chow to fuel up some energy. Buy some food and supplies and we're off!

Look at those faces. Excited to see the gigantic waves while surfers from all over the country ride them. The competition brought all the best surfers of La Union, Baler, Siargao, and Guiuan itself had their own representatives as well as its neighbours, such as Tacloban and Borongan.

So here are the waves of Calicoan!

Shortboard division
Longboard division
And the Wahini (women's) Longboard division

While watching the competition...

Now, it's our time to take on the waves, the newbies tried to tame the waves but ended up just exploring ones "balancing" skills...
The waves were not that friendly to the newbies so we just bummed ourselves and played with the local kids who's favorite pass time is body boarding, preparing themselves to become future generations of surfers.