Monday, 30 January 2012

Watta Way to Start the Year! From Sea to Summit! ^__^

January has never been this fun before!

Usually, the only thing that's exciting in my January is the welcoming of the New Year and the welcoming of Sto. Niño during Sinulog. But this year's was different. I started a lot of things in my January this year.

The usual welcoming of the New Year...
This year it was not really with a bang (because tatay forgot to buy some fireworks). But we started this year w/ a nice Noche Buena, which I really missed 'cause it has been absent for a lot of years already.

Started doodling... again!

I got back my "creative" side of me which also disappeared years ago . Doodled during a general department meeting (the CCM's getting boring again with all her not-work-related pep talk).

I also bought a cute doodle planner. Just to organize my plans this year, in a fun way.

Bought new coloring pencils. I wonder where my old ones went to. Hmmmm... And also coloring pens to help me with the doodling and all.

Started my career life with a double shift... X_x

And the clients decided to have an audit... right after New Year! Grrrrrrr... Long hours at work. Filing, tracking, and organizing tons and tons of papers. Thousands of files. I thought I was a goner there. Phew...

But despite the stress and the chewing off the ballpen covers, we still had time for pizza and donuts... while still filing the papers. X_x

From Sea to Summit! 

Started my Beach Bummin' Escapades w/ Camotes Island!

The beach and I got reunited and it was a very romantic fun-filled experience. I remembered my childhood days w/ my Lolo and my cousin, Ardie going to Toledo almost every weekend just to get soaked. One of the reasons for my "black beauty" complexion. :D

Started my Highland Adventures w/ the highest peak of Cebu, Osmeña Peak!

Last year, I started my climbing experience at Opeak. And now, I'm starting it again with Opeak. Dubbed the highest peak of Cebu, it really is one peak a Cebuano mountaineer should never miss to conquer.

Second body modification: Tatoo!

My first was a piercing on the upper earlobe. I so wanted to get inked years ago and this year I decided to do it before Sinulog. Here it is!

It's a tribal hibiscus (gumamela) design. Got it from the internet. Tborz told me that the gumamela is already very overated so I googled a polynesian version of it.

Here's a conversation with my lola, on my attempt to tell them about this tat:

Osang: Water dragon man ron noh? ko water dragon sa ako paa...
Mami, Lola, Mama: Dili pwede!
Lola: Mas ok pa nako mo.text ka nako dai ngano dili ka kauli kay naa ka sa bugnaw nga lugar naay kuyog laki pagkagabii kaysa ka!
Mama: Maypa tagaan nalang ko nimo og apo kaysa ka...
Mami: (gibalik ra ang storya nila lola og mama)

Hayz... Wala pa na sila ka.inom hap... Attempt fail... T_T

These are just the start of my Wonderlands this year. Watch out for more on the upcoming months.

Next Beach Bummin' Escapade: Calanggaman Island
Next Highland Adventure: Anniversary w/ John Pax Climb (no peak yet)
Events for February: Valentines? Hmmm... Single VS Doubles Couples

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Found Filemon at The Outpost!

Looks like they're not missing after all!

Englisera, Suroy-Suroy, Langit, Alas 4, Prinsipal, Sine Sine...

Those were a few of their hits they performed...

Insoy's drunk and still rockin' the house down!
Missing Filemon rocks! ^__^

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Rawr!

Year of the Water Dragon!! Rawr!

I was just wondering how would this year turn out for us Rabbits. Hmmm... Let's seek help from the experts.

A little overview of what Rabbits are:
Rabbits are homely creatures who like nothing better than being with friends and family. Being very affectionate, pleasant and obliging, they are well liked by almost everyone. At times they might get superficial and sentimental. They usually prefer to be out of conflicts. Though very emotional and selfish in cases of enjoying things, yet they would never hurt anyone intentionally. They have an intuitive and diplomatic skill. They are well-groomed, fashionable and mannered. Rabbits are very sensitive lovers, and need a partner who would give them a security.

24 Mountain Direction for the Rabbit this 2012:
If you are a RABBIT you'll be happy to know that 2012 will be nothing like last year when you were afflicted by the 5-Yellow...instead this year will be a definite improvement but there will still be obstacles in your way. Nevertheless, with your renewed strength, coupled with some help from friendly stars, you can easily rise to new challenges with confidence and a sense of well-being. The connection with the Dragon, celestial guardian of the East (home direction of the Rabbit), augurs well for the Rabbit. This means excellent Feng Shui luck and brings the Rabbit to an excellent head start in 2012. Just remember to do some spring cleaning to remove last year's afflictive energies and let good fresh energies flow in.
Based on the 24-Mountain Star chart, the Rabbit is hit directly by the Star of Reducing Energy with the Big Auspicious Star and Yearly Conflict Star on either side. Tread carefully... for the quarrelsome star is notorious for bringing serious misunderstandings and disputes. Luckily for you, the Big Auspicious is there to help. In fact another Big Auspicious Star in North East is right next to your home direction of East, so you are basically flanked by two very auspicious stars, indicating big luck coming your way. A Red Fire Ball serves the dual purpose of enhancing the Big Auspicious Stars and absorbing the negative vibes of the Yearly Conflict Star. Rabbits will also enjoy good scholastic and relationship luck brought by the #4 Flying Star which also serves to enhance the Wood energy of its home location, East. A water feature here will strengthen the positive effects of this lovely star. As your health and life force is very good in 2012, the influence of the Reducing Energy Star is not a major issue, but it doesn't hurt to dissolve the negative energy with a Wu Lou or Medicine Buddha, just to be safe.
The Rabbit will find great personal enjoyment in 2012 and many potential for growth and achievement. Make new friends, take care of your health, and be prepared for everything – mostly good with some minor impediments, in your path.
As a final measure, remember to keep your Horoscope Allies and Secret Friendclose to you. With their help and support, obstacles will be less overwhelming, good fortune will be multiplied and success shared is so much sweeter. In the Dragon year, the Rabbit can also associate with the Tiger to form the seasonal combination of Spring, bringing good luck, growth and opportunities.
Besides the influence of your bazi and animal sign, your luck for the year is also dependent on the locations of the monthly flying stars which may bring help or hindrances. Due to the astrological flight of these stars, your luck for the year is not stagnant but will change subtly, depending on whether friendly or hostile stars are visiting. Things will be much easier if you take advantage of the luck brought by the beneficial stars whilst lying low and taking remedial actions when hostile stars come visiting.

Their are terms that needs some explanation so I didn't remove the hyperlinks, feel free to click on them for more information.

So there you go. For all those fellow rabbits out there, it says that this year would be better than 2011. More reasons to bring all my Wonderlands this year! Metal Rabbits, rock n' roll!! \m/

Monday, 23 January 2012

Opeak We Meet Again! ^_^

Day 1: The Reunion

Assemby time was 8:00am. But I had to go with the "apas team" (fellow Ewitters) 'cause I'll be out in the office at 2:00pm. But it would be too late if I go out at exactly 2:00pm, so I went undertime without telling my officer. Shhhh... :D
2:00pm Went to Caltex terminal at Carbon and early bird award goes to Gian Carlo.
2:15pm John Pax arrived with guests, Charm and Melvin.
2:45pm Sir Marvin and Khyra arrives.
3:00pm Ice and Odet bagged the last arrival award.
3:30pm Off to Mantalungon!

The 3-hour ride was as always, a struggle already. Good thing we were early so we were able to secure seats, Ice and Pax had to go up the mini bus and mingled with the roadkill on their faces. I slept most of the trip, Khyra on my lap. Again, Chichi is still missing in action on this trip. X_x

6:30pm Arrival at Manatalungon market. Ate dinner at manang's bbq stand. Did some last minute shopping for supplies.
8:00pm Start night trek to Opeak. Headlamps on!

10:00pm The gates of Opeak was very nostalgic. I saw a lot of changes. The entrance fee even blew up to 20 pesos. Charm really used her charm and we haggled it to 10 pesos. :D
70 mountaineers listed in the registration list. The campsite was full and we had to look for a place to setup out tents.

Socials with the Monsters. Sir Myands was there too, our first time mountain encounter. He, Ton2x, and his sangay, went to Lanaya and Samboan the other day and they went straight from Samboan to Opeak. Jeebee entertained us with his incredible dance moves. Tanduay was all over the place. Ginaling and chicken curry for pulutan. Dancing in the pale moonlight... Moonlight dancing!

Day 2: The Traverse

6:30am First time to wake up early in camp. Went to the peak and embraced the wonderful view (while it's not yet fogging up). Met up with the rest of the Ewit core, Sir Wali and Mam Nicey.
7:30am Breakfast! Carbo loading?

9:30am Start traverse trek to Kawasan Falls!

*****7 and a half hours later*****

4:30pm Ligo2x at Kawasan Falls to relieve us from the longest trek to Kawasan ever. Phew!
Pax, Charm, Melvin, Marvin, Khyra, and Gian Carlo went ahead. I went home with Niiru, Ton2x, and the Monster. We didn't make it for the last trip. So we went to Moalboal, at Heide's place and waited for the first trip at 2:00am.
5:00am Cebu touchdown! Sisig for breakfast.
6:30am Home sweet home! ^__^

CAST FOR THIS TRIP: Ice, Odet, John Pax, Sir Marvin, Bb Khyra, and Me; Guests: Charm and Melvin

Want to see more of our photos, you might wanna take a peek of the Camwhoring Corner. :D

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Panga Party w/ the Elites!

The annual Skolpad panga party!December and January birthday celebrants...

Karlus the Wakokok...
Atty. Cara
Jan Amaw

Happy Burpday! ^__^

Jammed at the Sonic Boom Sinulog Blastoff!\m/

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fallin' in Love with Camotes ♥

Day 1: The Hello

Assembly time was 11:00am. Good thing I was on double shift the day before, so I don't have to bring my stuff at work and go straight to the terminal still with the work-life imbalance feeling. Still, as usual, Tborz and I was LATE. We departed at 11:00am 12:00noon from the terminal and caught the 1:30pm barge for Camotes.

We estimated that the barge ride was only for 2 hours, but we don't know what went wrong that it became a 4-hour barge ride. *sigh* And the camwhoring begins! Chichi still didn't make it this trip (LCD not yet fixed)... :(

5:00pm Hello Camotes! The bums are hungry so first thing in the to do list... HABHAB SOME FOOD! Good thing Kuya Ramil (our van driver), is also a part-time tour guide. We asked him to bring us somewhere where there's food and he brought us to Baywalk.

5:30pm BBQ trip and more of camwhoring at Baywalk... Then we head over to San Fran.

Front seat view

6:30pm Check in at The Payag Beach Resort in San Francisco.

Relaxed. Socials. Music trip. Moments w/ tequila baby!

Day 2: The Pakighimamat

Since this is the our first time here in Camotes, Farrah and I, we decided to go on a tour around the hot spots of this beautiful paradise island. But first, breakfast!

7:00am Breakfast by the beach.

10:00am Let the tour begin!

First Stop: Lake Danao

You can actually go fishing in this lake, it's filled with tilapia and other fishy friends. We didn't do anything much in the lake, we just took some pictures and laughed at the black smudge that suddenly appeared on Mami P's face.

Second Stop: Holy Cave

We decided to go spelunking. But of all the caves in Camotes, we had to experience it first at the Holy Cave. We expected a fun spelunking experience but it turned out to be a very very deep cave exploration. Note: No safety gears were provided, not even a helmet. We just had our headlamps / flashlights with us. Nevertheless, we met new friends here, foreign chikas.

Third Stop: Bakhaw Beach

After all the crawling from Holy Cave, we decided to soak up and chill.


We met again the choco-milk duo also relaxing themselves after the caving experience.

Fourth Stop: Buho Rock

Cliff jumping boosted up my adrenaline level. The view from the top looking down the water below was very hair raising.

Gathering up courage before the jump.

Last Stop: Bukilat Cave

Unlike the other cave we went to, Bukilat Cave was more of a tourist spot looking place. No need to wear all the safety gears and headlamp because the cave already has this natural light from the hole on its ceiling giving way to the sunlight. And you can actually splurge to the clear waters inside the cave, if its high tide though. It's a low tide when we went their so we just splashed ourselves with the brackish water. But the place altogether creates a peaceful sight.

After the tour, we made a quick stop and bought some pasalubong. Then dinner at The Baywalk again.

Day 3: The Farewell

Like every other escapade, we had to go back to reality and say goodbye to Wonderland. We spent out last day in Camotes with more last minute beach bummin' at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort.

Chill. Relax. Savor the moment before going back to reality. Note: This is a potential venue for an exciting event that'll be happening this year or next year. ^__^

CAST FOR THIS TRIP: Tborz, Rhyzze, Farrah, Pia and Me; Apas Team: June and Aya

Want to see more of our photos, you might wanna take a peek of the Camwhoring Corner. :D