Sunday, 1 January 2012


Off With The Old... In With The New!

Time sure did flew too fast. It's farewell to 2011, coz 2012 is taking over! A lot had happened in my 2011. I learned a lot of things, met new faces, took risks and got hurt a couple of times, and discovered how beautiful the world is from a bird's eye view. I made good decisions but I'm hoping that I made better ones. But time as we all know is one of the most irreversible things in the world, once it passes, you could never get it back. So please give me this moment to look back to my 2011 memory lane:

Welcomed 2011 w/ Angela at work...


The ow so tiring, rainy Sinulog...


My first climb at Opeak...

Thanks to Ewit for introducing me to the beauty of the highlands!


Then the unforgettable Tabuelan holy week escapade...


My busy busy 24th candles' day...

Thanks to Daut for the purple flipfloat; to Kyjean, Chongee, and Karl for the ube dice; Tborz for the purple rock star pouch; the Rios for the cassava cake, and to Youth and Ewit pipz for rockin' w/ me on my beerday!


Learned the martial art of Capoeira...

Ye Capoeira! Salve!


Climbed, rappelled, trekked, and explored the wonders of Cebu... 

I even "almost" conquered Mt. Kanlaon...
I'll be back for you Kanlaon my love!


Moments w/ the Skolpad Elites...


And also moments with Q people...

Those are the different episodes in my 2011. Memories that I would forever keep and cherish. These are the part of my good decisions that I wouldn't want to change. Other highlights of my 2011...

...went gaga again on Lady Gaga, got hooked to Katy Perry's songs, got hypnotized by Bruno Mars' sexy voice, got infected with The Cure, went emo over Adele, and got high all over again with reggae and island music. hooked w/ Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. I'm so missing you Damon! addicted to caffeine.

...escaped reality.

...adopted a few cutees (Jello, Jiggy, Athena, Booo, Gloria, Bunny, Tsoko, and Xoxo). my heart in loved, hurt, crushed, burned, choked, and stabbed by a black bunny.

...missed my best man's proposal to her girl. Sorry nak... >_<


This smile may mean a lot of things. I may even smile when I'm hurt. It's not plastic, I'm just showing the world how strong I am. ^_^

So for this 2012, I want to keep on smiling, and now it'll be because I'm happy and gay. I'm bringing my Wonderland to reality this 2012.

...explore more wonders
...conquer more peaks of the highlands the waves of the seas
...soak under the sun read read and enter the fantasy world of books beautiful up!
...heal the wounded me

and ENJOY! ^_^

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