Monday, 23 January 2012


Opeak We Meet Again! ^_^

Day 1: The Reunion

Assemby time was 8:00am. But I had to go with the "apas team" (fellow Ewitters) 'cause I'll be out in the office at 2:00pm. But it would be too late if I go out at exactly 2:00pm, so I went undertime without telling my officer. Shhhh... :D
2:00pm Went to Caltex terminal at Carbon and early bird award goes to Gian Carlo.
2:15pm John Pax arrived with guests, Charm and Melvin.
2:45pm Sir Marvin and Khyra arrives.
3:00pm Ice and Odet bagged the last arrival award.
3:30pm Off to Mantalungon!

The 3-hour ride was as always, a struggle already. Good thing we were early so we were able to secure seats, Ice and Pax had to go up the mini bus and mingled with the roadkill on their faces. I slept most of the trip, Khyra on my lap. Again, Chichi is still missing in action on this trip. X_x

6:30pm Arrival at Manatalungon market. Ate dinner at manang's bbq stand. Did some last minute shopping for supplies.
8:00pm Start night trek to Opeak. Headlamps on!

10:00pm The gates of Opeak was very nostalgic. I saw a lot of changes. The entrance fee even blew up to 20 pesos. Charm really used her charm and we haggled it to 10 pesos. :D
70 mountaineers listed in the registration list. The campsite was full and we had to look for a place to setup out tents.

Socials with the Monsters. Sir Myands was there too, our first time mountain encounter. He, Ton2x, and his sangay, went to Lanaya and Samboan the other day and they went straight from Samboan to Opeak. Jeebee entertained us with his incredible dance moves. Tanduay was all over the place. Ginaling and chicken curry for pulutan. Dancing in the pale moonlight... Moonlight dancing!

Day 2: The Traverse

6:30am First time to wake up early in camp. Went to the peak and embraced the wonderful view (while it's not yet fogging up). Met up with the rest of the Ewit core, Sir Wali and Mam Nicey.
7:30am Breakfast! Carbo loading?

9:30am Start traverse trek to Kawasan Falls!

*****7 and a half hours later*****

4:30pm Ligo2x at Kawasan Falls to relieve us from the longest trek to Kawasan ever. Phew!
Pax, Charm, Melvin, Marvin, Khyra, and Gian Carlo went ahead. I went home with Niiru, Ton2x, and the Monster. We didn't make it for the last trip. So we went to Moalboal, at Heide's place and waited for the first trip at 2:00am.
5:00am Cebu touchdown! Sisig for breakfast.
6:30am Home sweet home! ^__^

CAST FOR THIS TRIP: Ice, Odet, John Pax, Sir Marvin, Bb Khyra, and Me; Guests: Charm and Melvin

Want to see more of our photos, you might wanna take a peek of the Camwhoring Corner. :D

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