Saturday, 9 June 2012

Visayan Freedom Trek 2012: Mt. Lanaya

Ever since I started trekking and exploring mountains, I've learned that one good way to celebrate the day that our country gained freedom was to trek a mountain or two. So unfortunate of me that the first time I attended a Freedom Climb, it has been the most controversial one. Last year, one of the country's biggest mountaineering group hosted the said event aiming to break a World Guinness Record. But a lot of issues came out of the event. Just to gain the world-renowned recognition, it has been the mountains who suffered and was abused by the mass climbing event. On top of this, there were issues regarding money matters. One of the reason why our group, Ewit Mountaineers, decided to climb a separate mountain, one that was not listed in the official list of mountains. We went to Sirao Peak (also known as Kan-irag Peak). The experience was, as usual, fun and memorable despite the enraged issues in the national level.

This year, we decided to not join the national Freedom Climb event. Sir Myand and Sir Adonis of Lagataw decided to organize a Freedom Trek for the Visayas regions. It will still happen simultaneously from different mountains around the Visayan region from June 9 to 12. In Cebu, we picked Mt. Lanaya in Alegria. So far, it was the most difficult mountain I've trekked. Although it was not the highest peak of Cebu, its trail had proven to be more challenging than that of the mountain ranges in Mantalungon towards Osmeña Peak. The said event will be more of a charity work. Registration fee is only 250 pesos and with this we got a tshirt and we get to help send a child to school. First 50 registrants also get a button pin. Yey! Beneficiaries for the event are the children from Brgy. Caraye in Javier, Leyte. Climb destinations are: Alto Peak (Samar-Leyte), Mt. Igcuron (Antique), Mt. Napulak (Iloilo), Tinagong Dagat (Negros), Osmeña Peak and Mt. Lanaya (Cebu).

Mt. Lanaya in the municipality of Alegria, Cebu towered over 720+ masl. Angle of ascent averages from 50° to 90° depending on which trail you'll be taking. We took the reversed Legaspi trail.

Day 1: To Kalo-Kalo Peak

7:00am Assembly at South Bus Terminal.
8:00am Departure for Alegria. Still sleepy. Sound trip izamust!

Proof of how sleepy we are!
12:00noon Arrival at Brgy. Lumpan. We arrived at lunch time so we decided to eat first before starting our trek.
1:00pm Start trek! Again, we took the reversed Legaspi trail. So we started at Brgy. Lumpan. The trail was okey. It really was a dry terrain. No water source. Just a bit of shade. So water is so precious if you want to go through this mountain. One liter is not enough. Bring at least two liters each person. You might also want to bring an umbrella if you want to. 

2:30pm We arrived at the top of Mt. Lanaya, Kalo-kalo Peak! It was really a steep peak. 

The view from the top was exhilarating. But again, the peak was really a peak. Lose rocks and little shade. It was a pointy peak. Rested for 30 minutes before going down.

The downhill was more challenging than the trek to the peak. More lose rocks and those rocks where big rocks. More pa-didit moments. And watch out for the bees in this area for they really sting hard once disturbed. You really have to hang on to the twigs and roots of the trees for support.

Going down...  down...

4:30pm Arrived at the pit stop before going to the campsite. Buko juice refreshed our water-less trek. Fresh and sweet buko juice!

The campsite!
This beautiful hill is our campsite for the night. Reminds me of the famous Windows XP wallpaper. Time to build camp... But before that... Sunset!

Sunsets simply relaxes one after all the long hour of trekking... ^_^

Dinner and then socials! Sir Paw2x brought some cigar and everybody got to try it out! :D

Day 2: Side Trip to Samboan's Beach and Falls

Exit point... Brgy. Legaspi.

We begin our trek again to Samboan.

And chillaxing after trekking again. Now it's to the beach we go!

No cliff to dive but there was a paril to jump.

And after the paril jumping, snorkeling, and more beacheneering stuff... It's time to visit the falls.

Another round of buko juice when we arrived at Tatsmi's place. Another successful trek with fellow Ewitters! It's was also an honor to trek with ateh Myand. Thanks for making my Mt. Lanaya experience fun and memorable! 

CAST FOR THIS TRIP: Sir Myand, Ton2x, Sir Marvin, Paw2x, Faye, Momo, Niiru, and Me; Guest: Farrah

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