Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Milk Tea Cravings: Remembering Bubble Bee Tea House

Ever since I got to taste milk tea for the first time, I instantly got hooked to it. I've always have this fond of dairy products like cheese or milk and this triggered me to try and experience milk tea.

I found this place two years ago. It was in North Reclamation area. It has this artsy-fartsy feel and I kinda liked hanging out in that place. The idea of milk tea never occurred to me before and it was not really trending that time. I just ordered one of their shakes back then.

Now on my search for milk tea on other tea houses, I came across with an outlet of that certain place I found two years ago. Now it has an outlet in SM Cebu. I was with fellow beach bums then and we paid for our hard earned piso fare tickets. While strolling around the mall, we decided to chill somewhere, and I suddenly have this craving for milk tea. Farrah suggested we go to that tea house.

I got excited to see how the place looks like in SM. The outlet was small and really not that spacious. And it was so hayag.

I ordered Almond Milk Tea. Farrah and Tborz decided to go slushy that day so it's Wintermelon Slush for Farrah and Bubblegum Slush for Tborz.

On top of that, I also ordered their Nutella Crepe. I so wanted to add nuts on it but we are on a tight budget. *ting-bitay mode*

My almond milk tea was just okey. It has a stronger tea taste which made me not taste or smell the almond part. I tried a sip of Tborz's bubblegum slush. I loved it! Love the bubblegum taste. The nutella crepe was also fine. It just had the regular Nutella filling and it made me regret not ordering add ons on it.

The tea house had this small board were you can put post its on it. Same with the North Reclemation outlet but it was bigger than the one they have in SM.  ^_^

Bubble Bee Tea House

2nd Level, Northwing, SM City Cebu
Juan Luna Ave., corner A. Soriano Jr. Ave., North Reclamation Area
Cebu City, Cebu

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