Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Little Devil in Me

Here was my outfit during the scare fest in our office.
black outfit + devil's horn + black lipstick


*black leggings
*black wool coat
*black halter
*black booties


*black lipstick


*devil's horn

Too early for glam rock...

***Thanks to Jeffrey Bacsa for the photos.

Talleco Scare Fest + Trick or Treat

We celebrate Halloween or All Hallows' Eve every October 31st.
This is the time of the year when people dress up into scary costumes and go to costume parties. The kiddies would go trick or treating for candies and chocolates.
Here in the Philippines, this is the time where we go partying the day before we go visit our dearly departed loved ones. In our office, we also dressed up in scary costumes just to go with the celebration and decorated the office with scary themes.

Massacre in the pantry.

Dare to enter the dungeon.

Scary Timmy

The Corpse Bride 

The Crawler

Cute Little Batman

Mike's Little Devils

***Thanks to Jeffrey Bacsa for the photos.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Newbies Meet the Northshore

The Calicuan trip was just too intense for us newbie surfers. The waves were just too rough since it's the last days of habagat and the reef break really made it tougher. We had nobody to really teach us the correct discipline of surfing.
Now that amihan starts, the waves of Northshore are now ready for those who wants to experience surfing here in the Sugbu. We got a chance to meet and greet the waves up north. It was also the perfect time to learn surfing but my body was not cooperating. I may say that I need more lessons in this so called surf discipline.

Thanks to Paul and Mac of SpeedWalk for sharing to us their little surfing haven that is called
The Northshore.

let's go boodle!

learning how to find my balance.
Nagel and her fishy

The place where Ripples was created...