Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Tuesday Morning Pictorials! 08.21.2012

I just felt that I had no time for my kiddos already. So yesterday morning, I decided to play with Peewee and his new playmate, Twinkle. And it made me want to take pictures of them. Then I thought, "hey! how about I take pictures of all of them?!"

And then tada!!

*Jello the chillax gecko*
*Xoxo the maldita hedgie*
*Tsoko the maldito but cute hedgie*
*Yin2x the introvert hammie*
*Yang2x the pasaway hammie*
*Nichi the boyoy-lazy bum hammie*
*Twinkle the playful little doxie-pin*
*Peewee the ever-so-energetic shi-poo*

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