Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Fallin' in Love with Camotes ♥

Day 1: The Hello

Assembly time was 11:00am. Good thing I was on double shift the day before, so I don't have to bring my stuff at work and go straight to the terminal still with the work-life imbalance feeling. Still, as usual, Tborz and I was LATE. We departed at 11:00am 12:00noon from the terminal and caught the 1:30pm barge for Camotes.

We estimated that the barge ride was only for 2 hours, but we don't know what went wrong that it became a 4-hour barge ride. *sigh* And the camwhoring begins! Chichi still didn't make it this trip (LCD not yet fixed)... :(

5:00pm Hello Camotes! The bums are hungry so first thing in the to do list... HABHAB SOME FOOD! Good thing Kuya Ramil (our van driver), is also a part-time tour guide. We asked him to bring us somewhere where there's food and he brought us to Baywalk.

5:30pm BBQ trip and more of camwhoring at Baywalk... Then we head over to San Fran.

Front seat view

6:30pm Check in at The Payag Beach Resort in San Francisco.

Relaxed. Socials. Music trip. Moments w/ tequila baby!

Day 2: The Pakighimamat

Since this is the our first time here in Camotes, Farrah and I, we decided to go on a tour around the hot spots of this beautiful paradise island. But first, breakfast!

7:00am Breakfast by the beach.

10:00am Let the tour begin!

First Stop: Lake Danao

You can actually go fishing in this lake, it's filled with tilapia and other fishy friends. We didn't do anything much in the lake, we just took some pictures and laughed at the black smudge that suddenly appeared on Mami P's face.

Second Stop: Holy Cave

We decided to go spelunking. But of all the caves in Camotes, we had to experience it first at the Holy Cave. We expected a fun spelunking experience but it turned out to be a very very deep cave exploration. Note: No safety gears were provided, not even a helmet. We just had our headlamps / flashlights with us. Nevertheless, we met new friends here, foreign chikas.

Third Stop: Bakhaw Beach

After all the crawling from Holy Cave, we decided to soak up and chill.


We met again the choco-milk duo also relaxing themselves after the caving experience.

Fourth Stop: Buho Rock

Cliff jumping boosted up my adrenaline level. The view from the top looking down the water below was very hair raising.

Gathering up courage before the jump.

Last Stop: Bukilat Cave

Unlike the other cave we went to, Bukilat Cave was more of a tourist spot looking place. No need to wear all the safety gears and headlamp because the cave already has this natural light from the hole on its ceiling giving way to the sunlight. And you can actually splurge to the clear waters inside the cave, if its high tide though. It's a low tide when we went their so we just splashed ourselves with the brackish water. But the place altogether creates a peaceful sight.

After the tour, we made a quick stop and bought some pasalubong. Then dinner at The Baywalk again.

Day 3: The Farewell

Like every other escapade, we had to go back to reality and say goodbye to Wonderland. We spent out last day in Camotes with more last minute beach bummin' at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort.

Chill. Relax. Savor the moment before going back to reality. Note: This is a potential venue for an exciting event that'll be happening this year or next year. ^__^

CAST FOR THIS TRIP: Tborz, Rhyzze, Farrah, Pia and Me; Apas Team: June and Aya

Want to see more of our photos, you might wanna take a peek of the Camwhoring Corner. :D

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