Monday, 30 January 2012


Watta Way to Start the Year! From Sea to Summit! ^__^

January has never been this fun before!

Usually, the only thing that's exciting in my January is the welcoming of the New Year and the welcoming of Sto. Niño during Sinulog. But this year's was different. I started a lot of things in my January this year.

The usual welcoming of the New Year...
This year it was not really with a bang (because tatay forgot to buy some fireworks). But we started this year w/ a nice Noche Buena, which I really missed 'cause it has been absent for a lot of years already.

Started doodling... again!

I got back my "creative" side of me which also disappeared years ago . Doodled during a general department meeting (the CCM's getting boring again with all her not-work-related pep talk).

I also bought a cute doodle planner. Just to organize my plans this year, in a fun way.

Bought new coloring pencils. I wonder where my old ones went to. Hmmmm... And also coloring pens to help me with the doodling and all.

Started my career life with a double shift... X_x

And the clients decided to have an audit... right after New Year! Grrrrrrr... Long hours at work. Filing, tracking, and organizing tons and tons of papers. Thousands of files. I thought I was a goner there. Phew...

But despite the stress and the chewing off the ballpen covers, we still had time for pizza and donuts... while still filing the papers. X_x

From Sea to Summit! 

Started my Beach Bummin' Escapades w/ Camotes Island!

The beach and I got reunited and it was a very romantic fun-filled experience. I remembered my childhood days w/ my Lolo and my cousin, Ardie going to Toledo almost every weekend just to get soaked. One of the reasons for my "black beauty" complexion. :D

Started my Highland Adventures w/ the highest peak of Cebu, Osmeña Peak!

Last year, I started my climbing experience at Opeak. And now, I'm starting it again with Opeak. Dubbed the highest peak of Cebu, it really is one peak a Cebuano mountaineer should never miss to conquer.

Second body modification: Tatoo!

My first was a piercing on the upper earlobe. I so wanted to get inked years ago and this year I decided to do it before Sinulog. Here it is!

It's a tribal hibiscus (gumamela) design. Got it from the internet. Tborz told me that the gumamela is already very overated so I googled a polynesian version of it.

Here's a conversation with my lola, on my attempt to tell them about this tat:

Osang: Water dragon man ron noh? ko water dragon sa ako paa...
Mami, Lola, Mama: Dili pwede!
Lola: Mas ok pa nako mo.text ka nako dai ngano dili ka kauli kay naa ka sa bugnaw nga lugar naay kuyog laki pagkagabii kaysa ka!
Mama: Maypa tagaan nalang ko nimo og apo kaysa ka...
Mami: (gibalik ra ang storya nila lola og mama)

Hayz... Wala pa na sila ka.inom hap... Attempt fail... T_T

These are just the start of my Wonderlands this year. Watch out for more on the upcoming months.

Next Beach Bummin' Escapade: Calanggaman Island
Next Highland Adventure: Anniversary w/ John Pax Climb (no peak yet)
Events for February: Valentines? Hmmm... Single VS Doubles Couples


  1. heheheh... ow dba! nakalusot ra ang very late blog entry sa camotes escapade... bwahahahah! :D