Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Cute and Quirky Thingamajigs from the Mercado Central

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Last week, we were invited by ZeroThreeTwo for a 3-day Christmas Bazaar held at Baseline. There were lots and lots of fun and cute stuff for sale from different local entrepreneurs. There were food stalls too! It's a haven for shopaholics looking for cute and cheap finds.

Perfect time also coz it was held during payday. Too bad for me since the impulsive buyer in me pulled me to the different booths and got me shopping for myself and for the manitos and manitas.

So here's soe of the things I stashed and hoarded from the bazaar...

I got a Roxy tote bag from POI, a brass dreamcatcher from Lilila Primitive Arts, a key trinket necklace from Folk Fiction, a cat bag and some fabric bracelets from Thimblecap / Bored and Crafty, and a cute vintage toy car from a certain Hotwheels collector... I soooo wanted to buy the volkswagen set but it was just tooooo pricey! :(

Here's a closer look of the small stuff... :D

Fabric bracelet from Thimblecap / Bored and Crafty

Key trinket necklace from Folk Fiction

Vintage toy vox from a certain Hotwheels collector

Live art by the Ubec Crew and Lokal Brand

And there was even a jamming session with Ukulele Cebu, which I was absent because of our christmas party. But good job guys! :D

Thank you so much Carlo Villarica of ZeroThreeTwo for inviting The Chillage and Ukulele Cebu in this successful Christmas Bazaar! :)

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