Saturday, 1 December 2012


My Paranormal Romance

Merry just wants to focus on her studies to secure her future, discarding romances and relationships as nonsensical distractions. She wants to get in the toughest university in the country, S.H.U (Super Hard University).
But Life throws her a curve-ball in the form of a mystical object that makes Merry a magnet for everything paranormal.

I already watched this Cinema One original (as what was featured in my My Paranormal Valentines post) last February 2012. It was one of the finalist and garnered a lot of awards during the said film fest. The producers decided to air it again later that year and now they're doing it nationwide. It was a very funny, romantic movie. Again, no dull moment when you watch this film. It's a must see Cebuano pride!


  1. wa jud ko kakita ani. if there's a chance, i'll watch it sa movie house!

    1. sayang... lingaw jud kaayu! cge ra mi katawa namo ani... heheheh