Monday, 3 September 2012


Xtin's Birthday Suprise Part 2: Tingko Beach

This is now a good time to go to the beach and do what we beach bums do the most... to bum! Let's go to the beach! Now!
Time to relax our tired bodies from all the trekking. Somebody told us that the beaches in Alcoy are as marvelous as those in Moalboal. White sand... Clear waters...
It's the perfect place for day 2 of Xtin's surprise. Some of us wanted to experience the traverse to Kawasan Falls but the kiddo with us might just not take the 6 to 7 hours long walk. Obong Spring is also a pretty common side trip from Osmeña Peak.

Day 2: To the Beach We Go!

We took another bus ride to Alcoy. Farrah reunited with one of her high school or was it elementary classmate? Despite the short ride, they got to talk and catch up with life. Ayeeee... Too bad we didn't get his number. Tsk. Anyways, he helped us find a motorcycle to Tingko Beach. 
We found a public beach and rented one of the barangay-owned rooms by the beach. June Ann was again apas team for this trip with Aya. We did a little beach bummin'. Wak2x showed us his "swimming", duck dive style. Kaye and Jen prepared dinner. 
We planned to light sky lanterns that night. Unluckily, I fell asleep and missed the whole thing. Grrrrrrrr...

I woke up, all bummed and all for missing the sky lanterns. Grrrrrr... We just played card games before we all went to sleep. Tired much... ZzZzZzzzz...

Day 3: Feeding Frenzy!

It was a fine morning. I got to see the sunrise, which is kinda unusual for me since I usually wake up very late. It's a fine day to go soak up in the beach. We rented out the floating cottage that we saw when we first got there. And a couple of snorkels.

Time for cam whoring again!
Mandatory underwater shots.

And while snorkeling, we caught this marvelous sight underwater.
Real life feeding frenzy!


  1. hala nice lagi ang underwater shots, lutak ang colors. unsa ni na cam? :)

    1. ehem ehem... fone ra na nako ang gamit namo sa underwater shots... heheheh... :D

    2. ooohhhh kewl! hadlok man nang ing-ana uy hahahaha, masudlan nya'g tubig. :P

    3. pwede man sad jud ni i.underwater ako fone... experia active... pwede cya lublob tubig for 30 mins at 1 meter ra sad nuon... heheheh

    4. oooooooohhhhhhh ohmygash wa ko kabaw anang pwede i underwater nga fone hehehehehe...

    5. heheheh... check this post ay... mao ni cya nga fone...