Sunday, 18 March 2012


Weekend Chill: The Skimboard Attempt

The beach bums got nothing to do over the weekend. And we are itching for some saline waters. And Wak2x needs playmates. And Tborz haven't used his skimboard for awhile (make that years). So that's...

Beach bumming + Skimboard posing + Babysitting?!?

We bought something to munch while we are in the beach. Sunday market shopping izamust! The search for the perfect, and that means the cheapest, fish and pork in town. And also some guso for side dish.

And it's off to San Rem!

Found the perfect beach spot...

And let's make sugba2x the isda and the baboy nah!

And a bottle of redhorse on the side...

Chow time!
Looks like Farrah joined in the bummin'! All the way from her Bantayan escape.
We're now all good to go for our skimboarding experience!

So how do we do this? Hmmm...

Step 1: Place the board on the water...

Am I doing it right?!

Again again again...

Step 1: Place the board on the water again...

Step 2: Step on the board while applying forward force...

Step 3: Ride the board... with an embarrassing, scaredy face!
And that's how you humiliate yourself with a skimboard... Lolz!
Skimboard verdict: Fail!

Just do the pose then and act as if you did an excellent ride on the waves. :D

Well at least he did it right... Grrrrr...

The hell! Fun fun fun under the sun nalang!

One last attempt by Tborz.

CAST FOR THIS TRIP: Tborz, Wak2x, Niiru and Me

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