Monday, 26 December 2011


A Christmas Blessing... XOXO ^_^

Christmas day...

I heard her moving around her bin. I thought "Nag-minaldita nasad ay." So I left her alone and slept again.

12 noon... Looked at the bin and saw something on her belly. Took a closer look. Waaaaaaaah! It's a baby! I peeked over the small opening of the bin, saw three more babies.Waaaaaaaah! What to do?! What to do?! Immediately texted him.

Nanganak na si xoxo! Wat to do?! Wat to do?! X_x

He replied...

Leave her alon for a week or 2. Pila kabook hoglets? Make sure nga naa xay daghan fud nd water. Tagake pud og worm iya cage. 2 lang guro.

Ah okey. So I did everything he said. Food and water supply. Check! Everything's fine. Good job Xoxo and thank God for the safe delivery! Four cute hoglets for Christmas... ^_^

Actual pictures to follow. Don't wanna stress out Xoxo. ^_^

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