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Niiru's Debut Birthday Climb

December 10, 2011
Budlaan River to Sirao Peak (Kan-irag)

This certain friend of mine, itatago nalang natin sa pangalan na Niiru, wanted to make his 21st birthday special. So he decided to have his very own birthday climb. And maybe this is also my year-ender climb. ^_^

Overnight @ Sirao Peak To celebrate Niiru's 21st Birthday

Nay daghan tanduay og pagkaon.. Pramis... ^_^

Lumboy og Tabaco Gikan dalaguete..requested by Anthony Perpetua

That’s what he wrote in his FB event page. Invited all the people he got close in the mountains and decided to have a budget of 2,000 to 3,000 pesos. Payr!

At first, I decided to go with the Backdoor Team but due to some circumstances, I ended up going with the Main Group. *sigh*

Here’s the IT:

Sa mu trek!

Meet up:
Sunnyhills 7:00 AM

ETD to Baugo 7:30
(pakyaw tag jip sa may sunny hills)
ETA at Baugo 8:15
ETD to Falls 8:45

ETA at Falls 11:00

ETD to Sirao Peak 12:30

ETA at Sirao Peak 3:30
(set up camp)
(mag luto)

Wake up call 7:00 AM
(basin init na kau inig mga 8 or 9)
(pack up)

ETD From Sirao Peak 8:30
(lakaw padung tindahan sa may ayala heights, huwat jip para JY)

ETA JY 10:00 AM

For Saturday: (para sa mu backdoor)
Kamo nalang pag sabot what time mo mag abot sa jy.
Mas maau og magkadungan mo para mausa nalang.

FOOD: gamay ra akong handa ani. so sa mga manguyog. pagda
lang gihapon mo og pagkaon kay basin ma short ta.
pang dinner ra ang akong ma andam nga food.

Assembly time was 7am. But people started arriving at 9am. Early birds were: Ruby (before 7am), Wara (7:30) and Jinvill (7:45)! Yepey! After 30 minutes, Niiru arrived and 30 minutes later, we were five. Yah, I’m the fifth. :D
The rest arrived at 9:30. We chartered a jeepney for Baogo. Started trek at 10am via the river trek trail.

The steep walk to Baogo

Me and Jin Vill

First stop: Downhill from Baogo

The bday boy... Ng.apil2x jud si Ton2x sa likod... hahahah

Before the cogon area

Campsite: Sirao Peak

Tnx to Jin Vill's tent sponsor. Naki-hitch sad baya ko tulog sa tent. :D

Tnx also to Jin Vill's bf for the approval. Dakdakan jud dayun sa lines nga "mountaineer naman ko before nagkakita." Dah! Approve jud dayun!

Our bday greetings!

*The rope exhibitions towards the trail after the big falls*
*Foggy cogon area towards the peak*
*Lunar eclipse*
*Lamian na food and flowing booze c/o the bday boy*
*The bubbling Coke sakto*

The giveaway borloloy... Tnx much!

Meet the cast:

Again... again...


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