Sunday, 4 December 2011


Our Sweet Secret Escape

In my pursuit of happiness, I wanted to escape somewhere. This is one of the things I wanted to do before 2011 ends. Before Nick arrives. He doesn’t want the naughty me. So escaping reality will help clear my mind and hopefully my conscience as well. Ergo, to Wonderland I go.

On my way to Wonderland, I met the black bunny. He became my companion for this secret escape. We left reality and went to south of Wonderland. Feeling the sea breeze, the fishy friends companion, and found refuge under a bargained Nipa hut. Left everything behind in a spur speck of a decision. Nobody cared anyway.

From north, I went directly to the south. Told some lies and left without a trace after the lies. Does this count as being naughty? I hope Nick won’t hear about this. Phone turned off, itunes on shuffle and repeat mode, and Ace’s death in the Great War on the other windowpane. I was very careful of not getting tanned to avoid the questions when I get back. Good that Mr. Sun was sympathetic that time and hid his pride behind Mrs. Cloud.

The black bunny became so confident with the sea, after flashingly displayed his newly acquired skills in the water. Flap flap flap. Paddle paddle paddle. Plok plok plok. Almost got poked by a spiny black sea urchin hiding under a rock. He was not lucky with the hook-line-sinker technique so he resorted to a more primitive way that includes letting me chase the fishes towards him and scooping them onto the sand. We watched older people went back to their younger selves and built sand castle. There were a couple of Russians too. I realized that Sims talked like them.

After three days and two nights in our secret place in the south of Wonderland, it is now time to say goodbye. We will definitely be back, if given a chance like this again. It sure was fun, that sweet escape of ours. And definitely one of the highlights of my 2011. Now preparing for my come back this Monday at Q. What a good way to start my December.

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