Friday, 18 May 2012


Nichi's New Crib!

After 5 months, Nichi has lived in a cramp aquarium-turned-terrarium with no wheel and enough space to run and play. I watched him getting lazier each day. Poor Nichi... :(

So last Wednesday, I finally got time to get him a new place to run and play with. A bigger home. And here it is!

Mansion de Nichi!
It's blue, has three storeys, a wheel, and a tube that leads to a cozy "bedroom" at the top most storey. Finally, a new home for Nichi! ^_^

Close up of his new cute water bottle

View from the top. The cozy "bedroom" on the right side.

Pikachu on the 2nd floor.

Still, Nichi needs to get used to the wheel. He's still as lazy as ever. Just sleeps his butt off on the wheel. *sigh*

Let Operation Nichi-Workout-on-the-Wheel commence! :D

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