Monday, 28 May 2012


Pista sa Bogo: The Ferris Wheel Experience

This year's Bogo fiesta was quiet fun. I had time to go to the houses of my friends, unlike before where I only stayed the whole time in our place.

First, I went to Argie's house. Then the next day, I went to Xtin's house. Then at night we went to the piryahan. It was a quite a while already since the last time I went to a fair. But still the same rides was their, just with different names. There's still the horror booth, then the caterpillar, the mini roller coaster, and of course...

The ferris wheel!

Before, this ride was just nothing to the kiddie hype. But now, we could see how high it goes up and how fast the wheel turns. I said to myself, "Ngano dili man ni siya hadlok sauna oi?!".

For 20 pesos, we are going to the ride that we called that time as "buwis buhay". I imagined one of the sequels of Final Destination where a ferris wheel went loss and killed a lot of people in the carnaval. X_x

As we hopped in the ride and manong pulled the lever to pull us upward, I can feel my dinner coming up my throat. But this is no going back. We are already inside the wheel. No more time to shout "Lemme out of here!". It would be too embarassing if I said that in front of the waiting crowd.

Farrah and I inside the buwis buhay ride
Ian and Justine on the carriage next to us.
The view from the top!

Still, the experience was nostalgic and it brought a lot of childhood memories.
The piryahan is really one of the highlights in every pinoy fiestas.

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