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From Carnaza with Love ♥

After the Camotes trip, we were planning to go to Calanggaman Island as the next beach bumming project. But it was just too expensive for the bums... X_x

Day 1: The Plan B

Assembly time was 9:00am at North Bus Terminal. This time, we were not late. From work, we bought breakfast and went straight to the terminal. I guess we were the first ones there. We ate the take out breakfast while waiting for the others. At 10:00am, supposedly this is the ideal time to take off so that we can have enought time to haggle a boat to Calanggaman (yes, we are still double crossing our fingers that we'll get to Calanggaman in a cheaper way). But only 6 was there who made it on time, 2 more was still on their way and got stuck in a taxi dilemma.  Two hour of waiting *sigh* and at 12:00noon, we departed to the north.

4:30pm. We arrived at Tapilon Port. To our dismay, no boat was going to Calanggaman. *sigh* Good thing Tborz had a back up plan, he told us of another island up north, and that is Carnaza Island. Beach bums are still bumming theweekend! We made our last minute shopping for supplies and food. We don't know anything about this island since it's not that of a tourist spot. This is really an adventure for the beach bums. Boarded the last trip for the island of unknown. Off to Carnaza we go!

Our ride to Carnaza was not that smooth sailing. It was getting dark when we departed and when we were in the middle of the trip, Ms. Wind decided to become playful with Mr. Sea. But we decided to go with the flow of their game and enjoyed ourselves with a little bit of music and a joke here-and-there.

At last, after 2 hours, it's hellooooo Carnaza! It was really dark when we arrived the island and we needed a place to pitch our tents. It was a relief knowing that there is electricity in the island (but only up to 9:00pm), powered by one of the brgy councilor, Mr. Roger Racla. He even offered us his backyard for us to shelter our tents. The locals were very accommodating and friendly. That's another sign of relief. They even let us borrow some of their stuff for cooking and use their comfort rooms. ^_^

We pitched our tents and prepared dinner. As the night grow darker, we decided to build a bonfire and tell ghost stories (or whatever comes to the topic) over a bottle of T5.

We were blanketed by the wonderful starry skies. As the bottle became empty, the casts slowly made their exits. Lights off everyone.

Day 2: The Exploration

In the morning, the Mr. Sea is now calm and the beach bums are now ready to explore the island of Carnaza. But before that, it's breakfast time!

Welcome to the Farrah Cooking Show!
*clap clap*
Featuring Mama P's priceless kaon-ing poses...

And other casts' kaon-ing pics...

Now where ready! Some of the locals suggested that we go on a nearby island and they offered a bangka for us to rent for the whole day (100 pesos each). So island hopping we are! :D

Isla LaManok

Some of the beautiful islands that we passed by...

Most of the beaches surrounding the island of Carnaza are private properties of Lito Osmeña. With just 35 pesos per sqm, the Osmeña's would have bought the whole island if it weren't for the locals who lived there first. White sand beaches with untouched features, this island is really a haven for the beach bums. We searched for a public beach around the island and we found this!

Jump shot time!
We went back before sunset so that we can watch Mr. Sun sleep on a more beautiful view. And we'd also want to shoot some shadow pictures. :D

Day 3: The Goodbye

Again, we have to bid goodbye to another wonderful place. But rest assured, we will be coming back. This paradise will always remain in our beach bum hearts.

Thanks much to Nanay and Tatay for the warm accomodation! ^_^

Another beach bummin' success!! Booyah!

CAST FOR THIS TRIP: Tborz, Rhyzze, Farrah, Pia, Kaye, Jen, Niiru and Me

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