Sunday, 19 February 2012


Isla LaManok... An Hour Away from Carnaza Island

A love story of a hen and a cock...

This is the island recommended to us by the locals of Carnaza Island. And was it really worth it that we followed their recommendation. 

White sand... Beautiful sand bar... Clear blue water...

Excitement all over as we approached the so called chicken-less island.

The island served as pit stops for the fishermen who are from their fishing trips. It had no inhabitants, no fresh water. Just a shelter for the fishermen and the beautiful sandbar that connects the hen and the cock.

We bought fresh fish before we went to this island and this is what we are having for lunch. We sheltered ourselves in the cave and prepared our lunch. While waiting for lunch...

And lunch time!

After the sumptuous lunch, we did more beach bummin'. And of course group pictures before we leave this paradise.

Next stop is Isla de Gato...

Unlikely, the bums were too tired to make a pit stop to Isla de Gato, we just went back to Carnaza to find a beach so that we can chill... ^_^


  1. wooooowww!!! duol ra ni sa malapascua? will definitely put this in my cebu bucket list. salamat!

    1. nope... i think it's on the other side sa north of cebu... it's a 2-hour boat ride man gani from the port... but it's by far the best beach nga amo na.beach bumman here sa cebu... ^__^

  2. hmmm... malapascua is sa east man, nya ang bantayan kay sa west. wa ko kabantay nga naay isla lamanok duol sa bantayan... or kung duol ni sa carnaza, murag ibabaw pa ni sa malapascua siguro? wala man sa google maps uy hahahaha...

    1. hmmm... 1 hr away from carnaza ni cya... heheheh... gamay ra cya nga island jud and it's used by the fishermen to camp out during their fishing trips... ang mga tga.carnaza man sad ang ng.suggest sa amoa nga we go there... heheheh... so you've been to carnaza na? nice noh? heheheh

    2. naka adto na ko's carnaza... through google maps! hahahahaha... murag mas duol paman ni's leyte kaysa cebu.

    3. uhuh... sort of mas duol cya sa leyte kaysa cebu but almost 2 hours man gihapon cguro ang travel if from leyte ka... heheh
      you should try going to carnaza jud! we can take you there sad... us from Krazy Ventures... heheheh