Saturday, 7 April 2012


Holyweekender to the South!

Originally, this was a trip with the beach bums to Samboan then Terra Mana, but there was a minor dilema and unfortunately, the beach bums was not able to go to the south. So, change of plans...

Day 1: Good Friday to Samboan

Met up with Ruby at 7:00am in South Bus Terminal to catch the early trip to Samboan. Boarded an airconditioned bus, then slept the whole trip. Arrived at around noon, just about time for lunch. Somebody's celebrating his birthday and we were instant gate crashers! :D

Then it's falls hoping time!

First, we went to Bonbon Falls or also known as the Three Drop Falls...

Next, was Aguinid Falls...
We only went to the first level of the falls so that we won't miss the sunset by the beach.

It's off to the beach to catch some fish and stalk some sea urchins...

Then the sunset!

Here's what we caught and picked. Paired with bisaya manok for dinner!

After the sumptuous meal, we went to the park...

This station of the cross made our observance of the holy week complete. The lights set the ambiance and made the night solemn. ^_^

Day 2: Black Saturday at Moalboal

Sunday morning and we felt the craving to have break some butong and have a taste of its milk and make some lamaw (coconut milk + condense milk + crackers + peanuts??). Yummy dessert!

The highland life was nice for a holyweekender. Now, we want to have a taste of the saline waters. So we decided to go to Moalboal!

It's bye2x time... We will surely come back to have a taste again of the delicious manok bisaya.

Last of the oldest tower of Samboan

When we arrived Moalboal, it was almost dark. We searched for a cottage or hut for the night. The place was was somewhat crowded and almost fully booked. Luckily, a group went home and we rented the cottage they used.

The sunset 
And at night, we partied by the beach. Chitchat over bottles of tanduay, reggae music...

...candle lights on the sand... and of course...
night swimming!

Day 3: Celebrating Easter Sunday

Before going back to reality, we spent Easter Sunday beach bumming and just feeling the sea breeze on our skin. Watched the tides went high and some teen youth something??

Patik Borloloys getting stoked as well!
The sand bar where the skimmin' dudes did their stuff!
Ton2x also doing his strut.

We did some last minute videoke-ing before we bid goodbye.

CAST FOR THIS TRIP: Ruby, Ton2x, Niiru and Me

Want to see more of our photos, you might wanna take a peek of the Camwhoring Corner. :D


  1. moalboal... perfect for beach bummers!

    1. yup yup! go to moalboal if dli cya peak season... it tends to get crowded sad... heheheh