Sunday, 15 April 2012


Soak up at Calanggaman Island!

At last! The Calanggaman trip has been put in action. I truly believed in the saying, "At first you don't succeed, please try again!" And yes, we tried again, this time with a lot of planning. Unlike the first attempt, which led us to the discovery of Carnaza Island, we planned out the realization of the Calanggaman trip that was a year old already. Dizizit!

With a budget of less than 1,000 pesos, we gathered fellow mountaineers who also shared our passion for beach bumming. We can't let the summer pass without going to this island that we so longed for over a year already. Too bad some of the beach bums didn't make it to the trip. So that's a few from EWIT Mountaineers, 5 of Tborz's high school friends, Pax's guests and half of the beach bums.

Saturday, we crashed over my cousin's place to make the preparations for the trip (cook food and get a lot of rest!). We planned the meals and stocked up on the food, water, and supplies. The cooks prepared our meals for the trip while doing some side bit tagay of tanduay.

Early morning wake up call and made last minute preparations. We have to get to Maya Port at 6:00am. 

Our boat ride was already on standby earlier than we expected. We boarded the boat at around 7:00am, because of some minor delays.

An hour and a half ride didn't stop the excitement of the cast and crew of this trip. Picture taking and dolphin syndrome and non stop laughter made the ride to the island fun despite the big waves.

Approaching the island...

And it's touchdown!

Entrance to the island for non-Palompon residents was a whooping 150 pesos! Wew! We have to find a way to lessen this. So we haggled the bantays of the island to give us student discounts. Luckily, kuya was caught by our charms and we had our discounts even though nobody really brought school IDs. Yey! Payr!

Chow first before soaking in the sun!

And after lunch, explore the island, take pictures, and get stocked!

Underwater shots...

go little sea urchin... you can do it!
oh la la la...
emo moment?
from Philippines to Canada... with love!
the other side of the island...
We had to leave before sun down coz there's another fee if we stayed on the island overnight and our supplies were not enough for another day. Note: there's no water, sari2x store and electricity on the island. You really have to prepare the food and supplies needed if you plan to go to this island.

Bye2x time... Another item from the bucketlist checked! ^_^

ala mafia de calanggaman

Bye Calanggaman... Hello Malapascua!

Read here for the Summer kick-off continuation at Malapascua Island.

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  1. oh my, pila na ko katuig nag salivate aning calanggaman. last nalang jud ning islaha da. ayos jud!

    1. nice sad cya... but much better kato times nga dli pa cya ingana ka.popular... as in kanang kamo ra jud naa sa island... crowded naman when we went there... heheheh
      but the sandbar was really marveluos, just be careful not to go to the sug nga part... heheheh

    2. will keep that in mind. thanks!