Monday, 16 April 2012


Just Chillin' in Malapascua

Right after the Calanggaman trip, we decided to make a sidetrip to Malapascua Island, another island just up north. We dropped off the rest to Maya Port, mostly those who have work or classes early Monday morning. And Malapascua we go!

We pitched out tents and cooked dinner before we had our socials...

Now we are all alcohol-influenced and is now having girl talk about love and life.... in short lovelife.

Morning chit chat before we go beach bumming...

Fun with Nalgene... So colorful!

Pics by Xtin... *bow*

Let's explore this part of the island!

Just chillin' before going back to the busy city life...

The bogchi!

Another emo moment...

Peace and relaxation... It's one fun fun fun summer! ^_^

Want to see more of our photos, you might wanna take a peek of the Camwhoring Corner. :D


  1. aaahhhhhmazing malapascua!
    aaaaaahmazing beach!

    1. amazing clear waters and fine white sand indeed!

    2. by the way, di mo work ang camwhoring corner nga link. i suppose sa picasa web unta maredirect? :P

    3. yah, sa picasa web nako for the mean time... sa multiply man unta gud na, but with all the marketing chuva ek ek of that site, i had to find a new place to put my photos... amf amf... i have my pics man sad sa ako fb account... you can check it out there if you want... heheheh