Monday, 30 April 2012


Silver Year for the Starfish Stalker

April 30, 1987
25 years ago, a baby girl was born. The eldest of the Padilla-Rosalejos household. The "Apple" of Lolo Kune's eye. The only rose among the thorns.

One of the first pictures taken that day

April 30, 2012
Today, I'm a quarter of a century old. I decided to celebrate it with just a few people. So I hid my birthday in FB and waited for those who remembered it without some social network site reminding them. I wanted the day to be peaceful amidst all the stress here and there that's happening in my life lately.

04.29.2012 11:30 PM
Relaxed, watched TV, fed my monsters, harvested crops in my Smurf village and collected coins from my Snoopy street fair. And then... zZzZzZzzz...

04.30.2012 12:10 AM
Woke up to the sound of the text message alert from Apyang. Saw 10 missed calls from someone and a text message birthday greeting. Drats! Relaxed again.

12:24 AM
Banana Song on Apyang and a cokefloat invitation. Half moon smile on my face. ^__^

Thanks much!

8:00 AM 
Woke up still with a smile. More birthday greetings. Pep talk with two of my girl friends. Then zZzZzZzzz again.

From Tborz, Xtin and Bb Wakwak all the way from Legaspi, Albay. Greeting or more like pasuya much? :P

3:00 PM
Woke up again and found out that Chichi is alive and clicking again. Yehey! ^_^

First picture taken by Chichi after months of slumber

4:20 PM
Called him so that we can go to church and thank God for another year added and for the blessings that he has given to me and guiding me through all the trials in life. Hoping for more blessings in the future and happiness all the way! ^__^

Dinner at our payag. Thanks to Niiru, Ton2x, Ice, Luanne, Peri, Mayang, Momo, Ate Rachel, Kuya Imbong, Bb Dench, MJ, and John Pax for celebrating this day with me and my family. 

Jamming sessions after dinner. Ice on guitars and everybody on vocals.

Mayang playing tetris back-to-back to John Pax watching Kukuro no Basket.

Mayang meets Xoxo.

Poker time!

And the bluff game!

Again, thanks to everyone for the greetings and making my birthday as memorable as ever. Arigatou gozaimasu minasan! ^__^

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