Monday, 11 February 2013


Once Upon A Time Season 1 Finale: Magic is coming...

I just finished watching the first season for Once Upon A Time. Yey! I know I know, I was kinda late already since Season 2 just started September 2012. But anyways, love the story, the plot, and how all the fairy tale stories were connected to each other. Genius!

So just a little recap, the story all started when the Evil Queen placed an evil curse on all the people of Fairy Tale Land or the Enchanted Forest. She wanted to take away all their happy endings. So what the curse did, it brought all of them, including the Evil Queen, to our world where there is no magic. And the catch is, they won't remember who they were in Fairy Tale Land and so they have other identities. Snow White became Mary Margarette Blanchard the school teacher, Jiminy Cricket became Dr. Archie Hopper the psychiatrist, and Rumplestiltskin became Mr. Gold the town landlord, just to name a few. The only one who can break the curse is Snow White and Prince Charming's baby, Emma Swan. She will begin her hero deeds on her 28th birthday. On the other hand, before that time comes, Regina (the Evil Queen) became mayor of Storybrooke and got her happy ending as the victor and ruler of all the land, or should I say the town. But when Emma came to town, it seemed that her happy ending is still not the happy ending she wished for. Time started to move again in Storybrooke and it's saying that it's about time Emma breaks the curse.

Just to wrap it up, as the story progresses, the main perpetrator why they got all banished to our world is Rumplestiltskin. He deviced a very long time plan just to undo his mistake of breaking a deal with his son, Baelfire. He invested on Snow Whites and Prince Charming's true love so that he can make the most powerful magic of them all, which is love, hopping that this would reunite him with Baelfire.

So the first season ended with... 

  • Emma breaking the curse
  • Pinocchio becoming wood again
  • Rumplestiltskin knowing Belle is alive
  • Magic creeping in to Storybrooke.

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