Sunday, 10 February 2013


What's Surfin' at Surfin' Ribs?

To celebrate Farrah's birthday, some of the beachbums went to surf somewhere. Surf you say? I meant dine. :D

Such a catchy name right? Got me thinking how would they let the ribs surf? Hmmm... Let's see how their ribs look like... But before that, let's take a look at what's inside the diner.

Who's Bobby J?

Better hold on to your children!

Waaaaah! I forgot to bring my swimsuit! And hippies really had their own VIP place.

Now for the entourage...

Love the chili wings! One of the best chili wings I've tasted. ^__^

I love crab, I hate the shell. Takes a lot of time to open. X_x

Love the shrimps too!

Now here's the ribs! Where's the surfboard? Anyways, it was de-li-cious! But who's Pete again?

But where's Farrah?? Looks like the birthday girl didn't made it. Ow yah, she went home to Cagayan for her birthday. But at least we got to celebrate her birthday, with or without her. This one's for you Farrah! :D

Insert Farrah in the middle of Pia and Xtin


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