Sunday, 10 February 2013


Sweet Cravings at Fudge

After seeing what's surfin' at Surfin' Ribs, we head out to satisfy our cravings for sweets...

The place where something was initiated.
The place where a special event happened.
The place where I missed my bestfriend proposed to her girl. Chos!
The place where I missed it because I was too drunk from the party the night before.

And now, I'm here! 2 years late but I still made it to this place. And so I've heard that their Choco Lava was to die for.

They also have pasta here! Nice!

While waiting for our orders.

Simple but elegant. The farthest frame was kinda crooked. OC attack!

Here comes the lava!

Yum yum! The choco loco in me tingled when I tasted this.

Another yummy treat! This is a new specialty and we got to taste it first. I think... :D

This is really the ultimate combination!

Wished you were here again Farrah! ^__^

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